South Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists


The SDSRT and ASRT is committed to the implementation of consistent state and national education and certification standards for medical imaging and radiation therapy technical personnel. We’re currently pursuing the insertion of amendatory language that incorporates consistent education and certification standards into any federal bill that includes Medicare provisions. This includes bills addressing sequestration, the debt ceiling and entitlement reform. We do this by closely monitoring legislation to determine where our amendatory language might be a good fit. In addition, we work with other organizations to push federal lawmakers to make sure radiologic science facility accreditation standards include imaging-modality specific certification requirements and continuing education requirements for technical personnel who work in those facilities.

Meaningful Use Update Information

Due to South Dakota being a non-licensure state, there has been discussion that meaningful use guidelines are at risk not being met if a radiology tech changes an order. The reason for this is the statement that only a "licensed health practitioner,..." can change orders. The majority of SD techs are registered with the ARRT. Since we do not have a licensure, we are pushing to have changes made in wording with our state legislation that will consider a registered technologist as a licensed healthcare practioner. The wording the SDSRT is suggesting is the following:

"44:03:01:14.01. Operator requirements for X ray equipment. Any person who is certified and registered by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists…"


...495.6 a radiologic technologist certified and registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or licensed by another state is considered to be a licensed health care practitioner.

The reason for the wording changed by the SD Department of Health is to ensure compliance with the Meaningful Use requirements. The Department of Health wording is the same except they use the terminology "certified or registered". The SDSRT's suggestion to change "or" to "and" will strengthen the profession. There is a public hearing with the Dept. of Health on August 26th to consider the amendment of the proposed changes.

Help us get this amendment proposal changed to the proper wording by downloading the following letter HERE and updating it to suit your needs. Once complete, print and send the letter to the Department of Health at the address on the letter.

Thank you for strengthening your profession!

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