South Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists


The SDSRT intership program is a valuable opportunity for 1st Year students to see the inner workings of the SDSRT and ASRT, participate in decisions that help shape our Society, and meet people from all over the country who share a passion for the radiologic sciences. The two students selected from the applications will both participate as the ASRT and SDSRT interns. After sucessful completion of the internship, the students will also recieve a small monetary Scholarship.
The amount given to student interns will be decided by the board each year.

Brandon Ronning and Cathy Doan Created Great Powerpoints Regarding the 2017 ASRT Student Leadership Development Program CLICK HERE TO VIEW


The board will select TWO FIRST YEAR students to participate in the SDSRT/ASRT Internship based on their essays.

A. Students wishing to apply must submit the completed application form below with their attached essay no later than December 1st.

B. An essay is required for submission to the board. This essay has no required length but must include the following points.

1. Why you chose a career in radiology sciences.
2. Why you believe you are a good candidate for the program.
3. How you will contribute to the support and growth of the SDSRT.
4. The benefits of membership in a professional organization such as the SDSRT or the ASRT.

C. Be creative! Tell us about things or people that influenced you in your education, ideas you have for reaching out to other students, ect…

D. The essay submitted for consideration must not include any identifying features with their content. Such features include, but are not limited to: Where you are attending school, your name, the city you reside, or any other identifying features which would compromise the anonymous format in which the board reviews the essays and applications.

E. The SDSRT Delegates will review the submitted applications and present them to the Board of Directors. The essays will be reviewed by members of the board in a format that allows the members to vote in an unbiased manner. If any board members identify any of the applicants by their essays, they are asked to refrain from voting. The SDSRT Delegate who receives all the applications in their entirety is also asked to refrain from voting.

F. The SDSRT Delegates will notify the students who are selected within one week following the board decision. Results will be submitted to the ASRT and applicants by December 16th.