South Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists


Membership within the SDSRT brings more than the surface benefits that we try to offer all of our members. While you can give and get significantly more from the SDSRT than the basic costs and benefits of membership, we list them on our site because they are where most of us start. We all naturally want to know what something does for me. This page will show you the perks and exclusive benefits we offer our members! Once you have become a member you can login to the members only section that will give you access to be able to use your benefits.

We truly hope you understand that your membership dues symbolize more than what we can offer in ways of physical benefits. While those benefits or perks are great, there is more to your membership dues that contribute to the heart of what our profession stands for. As with any organization, you get out as much as or more than you put into it. We are an organization of people who make good things happen for both our patients we serve, our facilities we work for, and our peers.

Wouldn't you be proud to help build a benchmark of what our profession stands for. We are a group of individuals who believe that we are not just doing a job. We are providing a service and committment of care to all of our patients. A commitment of excellence,where everyone providing medical imaging should be educationally prepared and clinically competent. It is our duty, it is our passion. That is what the SDSRT stands for and that is what your dues help us fight for.

This brings us to advocacy of our profession- Member dues support medical imaging safety and advocacy efforts.By paying your membership dues you increase your visability on Capital Hill. The SDSRT sends our legilastive experts to Washingon every year to make Hill visits and spark grassroot advocacy in our communities. It is very important for us to assure our patients are well cared for.

The SDSRT wants to become your professional organization. As an imaging professional, you need to keep current on issues that directly affect you in the work place. The SDSRT is the only organization that currently offers a years worth of continuting education in South Dakota for imaging professionals during our annual convention. As a member, you will recieve a discounted price to attend this convention that is designed to specifically educate you about the issues effecting all of our members.

As a member you will become a part of South Dakota's largest and oldest membership organization for professional leaders in our field. Our yearly convention gives you an opportunity to meet and network with many of our statewide leaders across South Dakota. As a member you will be a part of a respected and influential body that benefits from advice, guidance, and support from all of our members. Best of all, as a member, you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard regarding issues that affect your career and job profession.

Listed Here are the current perks and discounts you will recieve as an SDSRT Member.

Don't delay, join today and start enjoying your benefits.